Do you sell equipment at flyPiedrahta?

We are often asked by our guests if we sell paragliding equipment. The short answer is, "Yes we do", but we don't have the space for a fully stocked shop and we're too busy flying to operate an online shop and mail order business. So in pratice we run our equipment sales as an extra service for our guests.

So, if you are coming to Piedrahita and you are planning to buy a particular piece of kit, why not take advantage of our competitive prices and avoid the hassles of mail order or travelling to a shop and let us get it for you ready for the start of your holiday.

Use the Contact Page or send an email to

Tell us what you want and we will get you a price. If you order at least a week before your arrival day you will have it at the start of your holiday.

Kasana Catalog

We can, through our suppliers, get almost all of the common paragliding equipment, see the list of logos for just some of the manufacturer's equipment we can supply. Kasana are a Spanish distributor and one of our main suppliers, here is their latest catalogue for you to browse.

We have shown the prices of a few of the most popular items we are asked for, so you can get an idea of how competitive our prices are.

Company Logos

Try a new wing in Piedrahita!

Piedrahita is the perfect place to tryout a new glider. The three flights each day allow you to see how a glider performs in a wide range of conditions, from the very weak thermals during the morning flight to the stong thermic conditions in the afternoon. During the week you are likely to experience a wide range of launching conditions and flying with a group, attempting similar tasks is an excellent way of accessing the glider's performance against other models.

If you give sufficient notice, we can provide demos of most gliders for you to try during your holiday. We are not linked to any particlular manufacturer, so you can take advantage of Steve's experience and advice when chosing a new wing. If it is a wing Steve hasn't flown before and the weight range is OK, he may even fly it for you and tell you what he thinks of it.

2015 flypiedrahita T-shirts

We are producing a new range of T-shirts for 2015. This one, 'Busy Climb Out', is currently being printed and will soon be available at €15 plus p+p.

flyPiedrahita T-Shirt

See the 'Latest News' for information on other possible designs.