The Weather

Some flying destinations advertise with comments such as "flyable over 300 days per year". When people ask me to quantify flyable days per year in Piedrahita I can confidently say 365 days per year. It is always flyable everywhere! However, you may not enjoy the experience or necessarily survive it.

There are days when it is just not worth trying due to wind strength or storm activity. There are plenty of other things to do here. So we do them, rather than wasting the day in the forlorn hopes of a flight. Many of our alternative activities can be fitted in during a non flyable part of the day, and we prefer to do that rather than wasting the whole day driving or waiting.

Overall Forecast

Today - Wed 29th May

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The 'Forecast Tree'

There is a growing tendency for pilots to depend on the new forecasting devices and fail to just go outside and look at the sky. My principal forecasting device is still a tall poplar tree which I can see through the kitchen window.

If there is no movement in the tree at breakfast time and the sky is clear we are pretty much assured a good flying day. If there is some movement or any form of cloud, then we may have to work a little harder for our flying that day. Maybe travelling a little further or perhaps having to wait. However, if it is flyable within safe margins, we have the local knowledge to be at the right site at the right time.

Local Weather Stations

Hourly observations at various points around the province. The village of Navarredonda de Gredos is on the plateau behind Peña Negra, which gives us a good reading of winds at take off height.

The wind strengths and directions also give an idea of possible convergence areas and how the day is developing.

Provincial Wind Map

AEMet Local Forecast

Five day forecast for Piedrahita

RASP - Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction - Spain

RASP (Direct Link - Spanish)
RASP (English translation)
Introduction to RASP

Satellite Visible

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Satellite Infrared

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Useful Information

  • 900mb ~1000m (The valley floor)
  • 800mb ~2000m (Take off height)
  • 700mb ~3000m
  • An estimate of the max. temperature of the day for soundings is given on the AEMet mountain forecast.
  • Google map showing location of Piedrahita.