The Costs and How to Book for 2024

The About flyPiedrahita section contains details of the services and facilties we we provide.

The 2024 Costs

Full Service

For 2024 the weekly rate for our full service is:

  • 550€
  • Second, consecutive week 30€ discount

This includes all flying services with live tracking, our alternative activities, airport pick up - on Sundays, accommodation and breakfast.

This price has not changed since 2013, but this year we will not be providing an evening meal.

Basic Flying Only Service

The Basic Service includes all flying services with live tracking, our alternative activities and airport pick up on Sundays.

Accommodation and breakfast are not included.

  • 400€
  • Second, consecutive week 30€ discount
Basic 'Flying Only' Service   click for more......

More Pilot Places

For most of the popular weeks from June to early September, the accommodation in the house is fills up quite quickly.

We have a, basic, 'flying only' service for up to 7 more pilots in order to cater for those pilots who did not get a chance to book these weeks.

Improved Retrieve System

During these weeks we use two buses. This, along with our live tracking system enables us to offer an improved retrieve service for all pilots.

Two vehicles allow more flexible retrieves and enable those landing early to get back sooner (perhaps for another go), rather than spending the day on the road chasing those still in the air. It also gives us easier airport runs with more scope for late and early pick ups.

Basic Service Accommodation

The basic service is 'flying only', without accommodation and breakfast at a reduced price.

We can help you arrange your local accommodation. See the accommodation page for full details.

Pilot Experience Required.

We require all clients to be at least IPPI Para Pro 3 (UK Club Pilot) rated, with some thermalling experience. If you are a low air time pilot, please tell us when you book and we can advise you on the best time of year to visit.


Follow this Procedure to Book Your Holiday in 2024

  • Confirm that we have places available on the 2024 calendar.
  • Complete the booking enquiry on the contact page. We will confirm your place via email.
  • When you receive our email confirmation, send a deposit to secure your place.
  • Pay the balance before your trip by bank transfer or in euros when you arrive.

ALWAYS CONFIRM that we have places available before booking flights or paying your deposit, please check the 2024 calendar.

We want to make the booking process as easy for you as possible, please use the contact form if you have a problem or a question. We will get back to you ASAP.

Deposit   click for more......

When you book for your holiday we ask for a 200€ deposit as a confirmation.

During the summer months the demand for places is very high and to be fair to all our guests and we require a commitment from you. So please send your deposit as soon as possible after confirming your booking to secure your place.

There are two ways to pay your deposit

  • use the payPal button in the sidebar
  • By transfer to our Spanish account

The details of the bank account are included below.


The Balance

The balance can be made by bank transfer before your trip, or in cash, EUROS ONLY, on arrival in Piedrahita.

To carry out a bank transfer, use the bank account listed below.

You may prefer to pay the full amount at the time of reservation rather than just a deposit, to save yourself transfer fees and exchange rate commissions.


Bank Transfers

Transfer to our Spanish account:

  • Steven Michael Ham/Purificación Almansa Arribas
  • Banco Santander
  • Calle de la Sinagoga 2, 05500 Piedrahíta, Avila
  • IBAN : ES47 0075 5739 0107 0024 9383

Deposit Refunds

We only give refunds in special circumstances.

During popular months we lose potential bookings when we are fully booked and the cancellation of a booking early in the year can mean that a week with a small group will run at a loss.

We will always give a refund if you can find someone to take your place.

If we provide a refund, booking and bank charges will be deducted from the returned deposit.


Retrieve Service Provided

Our service is aimed at keen cross country pilots with a range of experience levels. The majority of our clients are pilots flying B and C class gliders. Each day we decide on a goal or objective based on the weather conditions and terrain or airspace restrictions.

Typical goal flights are between 50km and 160km, towards the maximum distance possible for an experienced XC pilot flying a B level wing.

Choosing a daily goal rather than Open XC avoids the extra long hours spent looking for pilots at the end of the day often in poor retrieve areas.

Of course if you are a highly accomplished XC pilot flying a D or C class glider you are likely able to fly more than the goal distance we set for the group on a given day. However, we set the task based on the aspirations and abilities for the group as a whole rather the most talented individual of the group. So, if you are such a pilot, flying a higher rated glider and interested in flying the maximum open distance every day, this is NOT the service we offer.


Booking Form and Assumption of Risk

When you arrive you will be asked to complete a booking form which includes our disclaimer. You may save form to print and bring it with you, or if you have been here before, we will have your details, so we can print one for you, so all you need do is date and sign it. We will not accept clients who do not understand the risks or who refuse to sign this document.

You are asked to acknowledge that you understand the inherent dangers of paragliding. During your stay with us your decision to fly rests solely with yourself. Likewise the decisions you make in the air will be your own. We may make recommendations both before and during the flight. However, at no time should they be considered instructions.

We require all clients to be at least IPPI Para Pro 3 (UK Club Pilot) rated, with some thermalling experience. If you are a low air time pilot, please tell us when you book and we can advise you on the best time of year to visit.

Likewise, the use of our rafts, kayaks, buggies, kites and bicycles are at you own risk. We do not charge for these activities and we hold no formal qualifications in these sports which permit a commercial transaction. These are hobbies of ours which we share with our guests who are interested in trying them. We may charge for loss or damage of this equipment if used in an unsuitable manner.

If a tracker is lost we will charge €150, to cover the cost of a replacement.