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Photo of Cavesa Bus

We are about 190 Km from Barajas airport in Madrid. The very best way to get here is to arrive on a Sunday and let us pick you up in our minibus at no extra cost.

We don't normally collect people with flights that land later that 15:45 unless the whole group arrives at the same time and it is specially requested. It is a 2 hour trip from the airport to Piedrahita, so leaving Madrid after 16:30 could mean missing the evening flight and a long wait for the pilots who may have arrived hours earlier. See the sidebar for more details

Other ways to get to Piedrahita.


Photo of Cevesa Bus
The bus service has changed - the new bus company is now Jiménez Dorado Autocares.

There is a direct bus to Piedrahita which leaves the Estacíon Sur or Intercambiador de Moncloa in Madrid, it takes around 212hours and costs around €14.

The bus company is called Jiménez Dorado Autocares, it currently runs 1 or 2 services per day It is a good idea to pre-book a ticket using this website.


To get to the bus station you can get a taxi from the airport, but be careful not to be overcharged. The ride shouldn't cost more than €30. If you are charged more, ask for a receipt and take the details of the taxi driver, license number, etc.


You can also take the Metro (map), this is cheap (€3 from the airport) and efficient.

For the Estacíon Sur bus station, go to the Mendez Alvaro metro station . This will usually takes about 45 minutes. First take line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios. Then take line 6 to Mendez Alvaro.

At the bus station, if you haven't booked your ticket online, go upstairs to get your ticket.

While you are waiting for the bus keep a close eye on your bags, this is a very popular place for thieves.

For Intercambiador de Moncloa, take Line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios, then Line 6 to Moncloa station.


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The closest train station to Piedrahita is Avila. It is still 58 km away, and the only buses are the same as those coming from Madrid, which are better caught there.

A taxi from Avila to Piedrahita costs around €80. There regular trains from Madrid to Avila, almost every hour in the peak times, and prices vary from €6.25 to €16 depending on the speed of the train. There are several stations in Madrid, but the one that links with Avila is Chamartín. Again, there is a metro stop inside the station (also called Chamartín) we have highlighted it on the metro map above.

For trains information see: Renfe - Timetables and Prices

Hire cars

There are several hire car companies at the airport: Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Atesa.

Staying in Madrid

If you arrange your flight to arrive on Friday night or early on Saturday morning you may be able to take advantage of a cheaper flight and add a visit to Madrid to your holiday.

Madrid has a very cheap an efficient metro service, so travel into the centre of Madrid is easy. It is possible to leave your main luggage at the airport to be picked up when you return to take our airport shuttle to Piedrahita on Sunday. See more information on left luggage.

See our section on Hotels in Madrid for more information.