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General Videos from Piedrahita

Mike Thomas July 2010

Steve briefing

A flight around the valley on Tuesday 6th July by Mike Thomas.

Winter Conditons 2008

Winter Conditions 2008

Conditions in Piedrahita that most pilots don't see. The second half of the video is filmed at Lastra, the southern take off.

Steve Briefing

Steve briefing

Steve briefs the group before a flight over the pass.

Parapente en Piedrahita

Parapente en Piedrahita con Steve Ham

Steve Ham habla acerca del deporte del parapente desde Piedrahita (in Spanish).

Piedrahita May '06

Piedrahita Flying May '06

A compilation of take offs and landings during a week in May '06.

Natural World

BBC Natural World - Portilllo Gone Wild

An excerpt from a BBC program on Spanish wildlife with ex-politician Michael Portillo. When looking for vultures he takes a tandom flight.

TVE2 Radical - Part 1

Radical TVE2 program 1994 - Part 1

Part 1 of a documentary about Steve's 1994 European record produced by Spanish TV channel TVE2 (in Spanish).

TVE2 Radical - Part 2

Radical TVE2 program 1994 - Part 2

The second part of the documentary about Steve's 1994 European record (in Spanish).

Piedrahita August 2006

Piedrahita August 2006

A short video edited by Rod Bailey.

Road Movie

Road Movie

Another video from Martin Muller of the err, road to takeoff.



XC Open 2010

XC Open 2010

A video by Adrian Leppard on the XC Open competiton held in September 2010.

XC Open 2008

XC Open 2008

A teaser for a video of the 2008 XC Open by Philippe Riboni. Full video here

PWC97 Skysports Shockpromo

XC Open 2007

PWC97 Skysports Shockpromo, a selection of clips from the four part video also available on this page.

XC Open 2007

XC Open 2007

A video produced by Martin Muller while competing in the XC Open. The original video is available on his site .

HTV Report

HTV '98 Europeans Report

A report by HTV television on the '98 European Championships.

British Champs'07 Task1

British Champs '07 Task 1

130 pilots take off at 19:00 during task 1 of the British Championships '07. The take off was cleared in 10 minutes.

Nordic Open '07 Task 1

Nordic Open June 2007

Video from the NordicOpen Competition in June 2007 by Coke.

Coupe de Plaine - Part 1

Coupe de Plaine - June 2007 Part 1

Part 1 of the video from the French Coupe de Plaine held in June 2007.

Coupe de Plaine - Part 2

Coupe de Plaine - June 2007 Part 2

Part 2 of the video from the French Coupe de Plaine held in June 2007.

PWC '97 - Part 1

PWC '97 part 1

Part 1 of a video on the PWC held in Piedrahita in 1997.

PWC '97 - Part 2

PWC '97 part 2

Part 2 of a video on the PWC held in Piedrahita in 1997.

PWC '97 - Part 3

PWC '97 part 3

Part 3 of a video on the PWC held in Piedrahita in 1997.

PWC '97 - Part 4

PWC '97 part 4

Part 4 of a video on the PWC held in Piedrahita in 1997.

British Champs 2007

British Championships 2007

A slide show of photos taken by Tim Pentreath during the British Open in July 2007.


Alternate Activities

Ham in Space!

Ham in Space

Ham, trained by rocket scientists to fly in tests of American space capsules, blasts off from Cape Canaveral in January 1961.

After Dinner Chat

Steve's description of the battle of Salamanca

Steve's description of the Battle of Salamanca, the British are the bread rolls.


Parawaiting - Playing Conkers

Playing a keenly fought game of conkers while waiting for conditions to improve. Luckily, Steve is much better at paragliding than he is at conkers!

Kayaking May '07

Kayaking river Tormes May '07

Kayaking on the River Tormes, this is the river running down from the Gredos Mountains behind the Pea Negra launch.

W.W Rafting May '07

White Water Rafting May '07

Paddled like a Canadian canoe with single bladed paddles, the two man, self bailing, rafts are suitable for those without experience of white water.

W.W Rafting May '07 2

White Water Rafting May '07 2

Another short video on white water rafting and kayaking on the River Tormes.

Skydive from 30,000m

Skydive from 30,000m

Not one of the alternative activities, but an interesting video of a skydive from a helium balloon by Joseph Kittinger in 1960.

Kite Buggying

Base Jump from Tandem

A video produced by Jonathon Greenwood of kite buggying and kite surfing at the Santa Teresa Lake.

Base Jump from Tandem

Base Jump from Tandem

Video of a three person tandem take off with one of the passengers doing a base jump.