Summary of Travel Information

In this section of the site you should find all the information you need to get to Piedrahita. Please use our contact form if you need any more help.

Flying to Madrid

The nearest airport to Piedrahita is Madrid Barajas. It is a two hour journey by road to Piedrahita, we run an airport shuttle to and from the airport each Sunday.

Most of the budget airlines fly to Madrid, see our list of the most popular flights.

Madrid to Piedrahita

We are about 190 Km from Barajas airport in Madrid. The very best way to get here is to arrive on a Sunday and let us pick you up in our minibus at no extra cost.

If you have a problem getting a flight to Madrid in time for our shuttle, you have these options:

  • Bus from Madrid to Piedrahita. You will need to travel across Madrid by metro or taxi to the bus station. From there the bus company, Jiménez Dorado Autocares, provide a coach direct to Pierahita. Here are the details.
  • Train from Madrid to Avila. The closest train station to Piedrahita is Avila. It is still 58 km away, and the only buses are the same as those coming from Madrid, which are better caught there. A taxi from Avila to Piedrahita costs around 50 euros. Details of the trains service are here
  • Car hire. This is generally a waste of money as we look after your transport while in Piedrahita, including sight seeing on non-flyable days. However for those on short visits it might be worthwhile if you are getting early morning or late flights. All the major companies operate from Madrid airport, we have more details here

Staying in Madrid

If you arrange your flight to arrive on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning you may be able to take advantage of a cheaper flight and add a visit to Madrid to your holiday.

Madrid has a very cheap and efficient metro service, so travel into the centre of Madrid from the airport is easy. It is possible to leave your main luggage at the airport to be picked up when you return to take our airport shuttle to Piedrahita on Sunday. More information on left luggage here...

See our section on hotels in Madrid for more information.